How do you envision your marriage?

How do you envision your wedding ceremony?

Marriage has always been one of the rarest and most challenging relationships to build and sustain. Today it may be yet more difficult and yet more rewarding.

Reflecting, imagining, reviewing, your visions of your wedding service together
can set the marriage on the best course. 

Planning your wedding can provide a deep and enjoyable exploration of your marriage.

As we work on the ceremony, we nurture the marriage together in several sessions- in person or via video online.

In considering elements you want represented in your wedding, you set intentions for your marriage.

In my experience, this work is deep and delightful for the marrying partners. I meet with key family members and friends to integrate their thoughts and views of the bride and groom into the marriage ceremony. Couples look back and say this wedding work enhances integrity, enriches and supports happiness, and builds strength in their marriage.

There is great joy and depth in the ceremony for the bride and the groom — and also for the assembled family and friends, some of whom have participated in creating the ceremony.

Contact me at deborah@lovingbond.org and we will arrange an online, phone, or in-person meeting and access to materials to create the wedding celebration of your marriage.